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Here are examples of how we work with our clients to help them navigate marketing decisions to achieve their goals:

Cross Border Marketing Consultancy with 4-Star Hospitality Group

A regional 4-star hospitality powerhouse rolled out profit-oriented marketing strategies and policies in three countries

Marketing Malaysian Tertiary Education

Newly established university with links to a state government gets marketing help and saw consistent student recruitment growth at over 100% for a consecutive three years

Rebranding A Community Builder

An established property developer receives a brand new image and identity with the emergence of new major investor

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Largest Global Private School Group Now a Household Name

The largest global private school group in the world became a household name with strategic branding initiatives

Technology Solutions Provider Identifies Niche

E-bidding and E-procurement solutions provider discovers it's competitive advantage in the fast paced technology era

Top Malaysian University Research Innovators Receives Funding on Business Plans

Malaysia's top innovators attached with a leading technological university engages marketing consultancy expertise and mentoring on strategic business decisions and ultimately obtains funding

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Professional Services Firm Get Fuss-Free Transformation

Branding campaigns and project supervision throughout five years saw through successful transformation of brand image

Fast Market Penetration For American STEM based Children's Program

Marketing trends and insights consulting created an opportunity for innovative STEM learning program to be included in Malaysia's top private and international school co-curricular programmes.

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