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Establishing a Marketing niche for a newly incorporated Malaysian Tertiary Education Institution

Newly established university with links to a state government gets marketing reinforcement and saw consistent student recruitment growth at over 100% for a consecutive three years

  • Established marketing and agent networks nationwide

  • Marketing collaterals, training, media and awareness plans

  • Setting marketing objectives, strategy and marketing plans

  • Branding and digital awareness campaigns on Google & Facebook

  • Joint ventures and partnerships

  • CSR initiatives

  • Management of 3rd party vendors

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Calendar of Activity

  • Budgeting

  • Measurement

Client's Achievements

  • Student recruitment at a consistent growth rate of over 100% for three consecutive years.

  • Established foothold and seen as preferred option for university education in state

  • Secured multiple partnerships for corporate training including a multi billion dollar vessel company in Lumut to increase revenue stream for the university

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