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Energise YourSelf With Hugo Challenge by Hugo Energise

Looking back 15 years ago when marketing activities were mainly outdoor, we created this reality-tv type race called "Energise Yourself With Hugo Challenge" for a Hugo Boss perfume brand through their principal Cosmopolitan Cosmetics. The race was for the launch of the highly talked about Hugo Energise, a youth targeted fragrance brand. The campaign revolved around 3 couples starting off in #KLCC and having to "earn points" to move their way throughout KL City to solve riddles and earn money.... however what they did not expect was challenges like eating wasabe crackers after a long hot run! However that did not stop them from chomping through it for a shot at the RM 12k grand prize 🏆 These highly engaging content brought great top of mind results and talkability. The secret of it's success? It was FUN! Shall we do this for you VIRTUALLY???😀 Have a sneak peak at what took place #hugoboss#hugoenergise#cosmopolitancosmetics#acquiremalaysia#ashokrudy#eventmarketing#realitytv#fragrancebrand#berjayatimesscquare#eventmanagement#midvalleymegamall#desawaterpark#marketing


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