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    The Highly Acclaimed Guide To Improving Patient Experience 




    Leaders of patient-centred care are still challenged with having a clear process for improving patient experience in their hospitals, wards, clinics and practices. Research on Don Berwick’s “Triple Aims of healthcare” include improving patient experience as a top priority for health systems.


    Healthcare providers that are not fully qualified in understanding how to measure patient experience appropriately or action changes to make improvements can result in a disappointing experience for consumers, higher numbers of complaints, safety and quality errors as well as medical litigation. This can result in staff dissatisfaction, unnecessary costs as well as frustration, stress and anxiety for consumers, clinicians and managers.


    This workshop will provide you tools and techniques that you can use immediately in your organization or practice where you will be able to measure patient experience and apply actionable plans to improve customer satisfaction. 



    1) Training sessions are conducted at your own premise.

    2) Price quoted is for a 1 day training session. Sessions are typically conducted for 2 days.

    3) Sessions can be customised to each organisations needs.

    4) Price does not include materials, travel, etc.


      The 6E Framework


      Our Patient Experience training program uses the 6E framework, a step by step guide on how to holistically improve patient experience, adaptable for any healthcare setting.


      The 6 E Framework will cover these key touch points of a patient journey:

      1) Experience 

      2) Emotions

      3) Energy

      4) Execution

      5) Excellence

      6) Evolution


      • CEO's, COO's, CMO's, CFO's
      • Chief Experience Officers
      • Patient Experience Stakeholders and Advocates
      • Patient Experience Leaders
      • Chief Nursing Officers, Directors and Managers
      • Physicians
      • Nurses & Front Line Staff
      • Healthcare Executives
      • Marketing Directors and Managers
      • Caregivers
      • Insurance Provider Institutions
      • Professional Societies
      • Quality Service Professionals
      • Third Party Payors

      • E1. Experience - Measuring your organisation’s current experience, integrating survey datasets and patient stories, managing privacy and security. How to use real-time feedback.
      • E2. Emotions - Analysing pain points, frustrations and what delights patients. Objectively measuring compassion and empathy.
      • E3. Energy - How to motivate staff and show leadership. Help frontline staff rediscover meaning and purpose and improve engagement.
      • E4. Execution - Tools for implementation and tips for getting stakeholder buy-in. Strategies for change management, handling complaints and transforming the care experience.
      • E5. Excellence - New measures for success in patient-centred care and integrating with current measurement frameworks.
      • E6. Evolution - Evolving your organisation’s capability in patient experience and consumer engagement in a sustainable, long-term manner.

      Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan, CEO of Energesse
      MBChB, MBA (Hons)


      Dr Avi delivers keynote presentations to help organisations motivate, inspire and educate their employees to create positive change. He is a global thought leader with over 20 years of experience across various careers including as a former medical practitioner, corporate strategist and technology entrepreneur. Dr Avi helps organisations become more ‘customer-centred’ (or patient-centered) and deliver breakthrough results. As a coach to CEO’s, he is also brilliant at helping people discover their purpose and live a successful, meaningful life. He has since become a highly rated international keynote speaker featured at the World Congress of Prevention & Wellness, Future of Medicare Conference, Future of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Summit and the Health Insurance Summit.

      Dr Avi was also featured in the media, namely Sky News, 702 ABC Sydney, Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, Insurance Business Review, SBS, The Daily Telegraph, The Age Business Day and more.

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