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Ronaldo's Coca-Cola "Send Off" at EURO2020

What does Ronaldo’s actions of removing the Coca-Cola bottles during the press interview in #EURO2020 really mean for football…

The power of influencers today are Godlike to many. That is why brands would pay an arm and a leg to be associated with them either individually, through the team or an event.

Ronaldo being authentic to his fitness cause refused to lend his reputation or credibility to Coke. That is turn immediately caused the perception towards the brand to suffer overnight and drop by $ 4 bil! Investors pulled out by foreseeing that future sales would be affected.

But what does this mean for football…. Brands like Coke tussle to win the rights to sponsor these mega tournaments for their own benefit but it does in return reduce the broadcast rights fee that each person has to pay to watch the tournament which means you would have paid Astro less because of that astronomical fee Coke paid.

Would a “healthier” brand have paid as much ? Do they want it as badly ? Would they get their ROI ? I hope so but only time will tell.

For businesses that have been affected during Covid, how could influencers help you gain more visibility and sales ? Something to think about this weekend in between matches

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