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Disrupting the Market

Being a disruptor means identifying a market gap that is usually a blindspot, capitalize on the opportunity and shocking all other industry players. Disruptors are often looked down upon, just like how Uber, Airbnb and Netflix who were not taken seriously before the their time came. There are factors most entrepreneurs don't see is the potential to scale and importance of market share. At ACQUIRE, we find and examine business opportunities in our client's industry and formulate plans to capitalize on a rare moment.

Being a disruptor is about doing things differently and changing the game. While the downside is that a fresh business approach often gets its own copycats, a disruptor must always be at least one step ahead of competitors and new entrants. Product innovation and patented technologies are what disruptors strive for. Without a solid foundation and continuous efforts to pursue goals, a brand can create disruption in the market and add value to users, thus increasing its market share and customer lifetime value.

Just like how Sony Playstation moved away from direct competition on game consoles with former gaming giants Nintendo and Sega, the company capitalized on its strength in audio visual and created an entirely new gaming category! The gamble has obviously paid off and Playstation remains the top-selling gaming device since its launch in 1994. Unfortunately, not all cases last this long. Apple's first iPhone launched in 2007 who completely threw off competitors like Nokia and Blackberry. Sales of iPhone 3 and its successors have continued to find success however Apple is facing a decline in innovation stances. Today, while Nokia and Blackberry are no longer in the top charts, Apple is facing stiff competition from Samsung who caught up with Apple's technology and the Korean brand is now occupying on the top spot of global market leader in smartphones.

The journey to becoming a disruptor does not start from just a good business idea. It's a long and sustainable effort that requires constant marketing tweaks to ensure that the business boom prolongs its longevity.

Strive to be one and be proud to be one.

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