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For the month of June, UNITAR International University launched the Gaya Bola! Raya Bola! campaign in conjunction with the World Cup season. In order to celebrate the football craze, Raya festivities and also welcome new students for June-18 intake, students were given the chance to win cash prizes, or convert their prizes to a full scholarship at UNITAR International University! For this exciting campaign, ACQUIRE had the pleasure of being given the opportunity to work with the team at UNITAR.

The campaign consisted of a series of exciting activities and promotions for a month which included live viewing of all 64 World Cup matches, Instagram contests, the unveiling of Unistar's Arena and an E-Sports Tournament held over two days.



June Intake students were invited to participate in the UNITAR's Gaya Bola Raya Bola Instagram Contest where students stand a chance to win replica jerseys of their favorite World Cup Team, whereas Top 3 Winners are eligible for full scholarships on tuition fees and the next seven Winners will be given the chance to redeem 50% scholarship on tuition fees.



For the entire campaign, several spots within UNITAR have been furnished to celebrate the World Cup season and welcome June intake students. Every detail has been planned to offer a celebratory ambiance and enhance student experience.

The Live Viewing of all the 64 World Cup matches at the cafeteria of UNITAR's Main Campus in Kelana Jaya were projected on big screens for all to watch -

Banners and flags were put up at Unistars Arena, the new futsal court:

Celebratory decorations were also put up at the auditorium to cheer participants on! From buntings, backdrop, LED screen, to custom-made prizes, every detail has been designed to create student engagement.

Social-media friendly photo opportunities were also included in the event.


The main highlight of the Gaya Bola! Raya Bola! campaign is the E-Sports tournament that was held over two days. Held from 30 June to 1 July 2018 where 256 contestants participated with cash prizes to be won, the E-Sports Tournament was set to witness students in their gaming selves. To make it interesting, winners were given the option to convert the prizes into full scholarships worth about RM 100,000 in total! The balance give top seed players were eligible for a 50% partial scholarship sponsored by UNITAR.

The competitive event has brought together students from different states to vie for cash prizes and scholarships.

For the event, custom made and autographed UNITAR futsal balls were also given away as prizes for the lucky draw along with LG monitors and Redbull drinks.

Here's what went down on the final tournament day --


Before the last few FIFA battles went down, UNITAR welcomed VIPs to grace the E-Sports Tournament, at the same time unveil Unitar's very own futsal court.

Other than having YB Prabakaran Parameswaran, the youngest lawmaker in Malaysia grace the event, the day was also graced by the presence of Astro celebrities Dayang Atul and Reem Shahwa. Being known Astro hosts to football shows, they were here to also share their personal experience on being a student and finding their calling in life.

(Photo below: Chief Marketing Strategist, Ashok Rudy with celebrities Reem Shahwa and Dayang Atul)

Chief Marketing Strategist, Ashok Rudy with celebrities Dayang Atul and Reem Shahwa

Soon after their arrival, three of the VIPs were then invited to autograph on custom-made UNITAR futsal balls that will be given out as prizes.

(Photo below: Autograph session with VIPs)

Student Representative Council members Rashan and Farah moderated a Sharing Session with YB Prabakaran, Reem and Dayang where they engaged with students by sharing their stories of their personal challenges and how they overcame them in their youth.

Right after the valuable sharing session, scholarships worth RM100,000.00 was also handed over to Member of Parliament of Batu, YB Prabakaran Parameswaran by UNITAR’s Chairman, En. Mazhairul Jamaluddin along with a Crystal memento and a custom made UNITAR ball.

The granting of the scholarship is part of UNITAR’s corporate social responsibility program (CSR) for underprivileged students with potential.



The final agenda of the day is the launch of UNITAR's very own futsal court, Unistars Arena, built to encourage an active lifestyle and students' participation of the sport.

Officiating Unistars Arena with a ribbon-cutting ceremony is none other than the three VIPs who were present.

Students scored in the first goal and the VIPs proceeded to witness the final moments of the E-Sports Tournament.



For the final match - the battle was complete with great sound systems and live commentary, filling the hall with camaraderie excitement.

After two days of grueling FIFA battles, the three E-Sport Tournament Winners finally emerged from the 256 oarticipants. They were awarded with cash prizes with the option to convert them into full scholarship at UNITAR! Here are the winners:

- 1st place: Muhammad Haziq Luqman - 2nd place: Rezaril Keiflin Keifli - 3rd place: Mohammad Rasydan Nahor

To find out more about the 2018 UNITAR Gaya Bola! Raya Bola! E-Sports Tournament, you can follow UNITAR on the Facebook page here.

To find out how ACQUIRE can help you with your marketing campaigns, drop us an email at for a consultation session.

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