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Sports, Games and Bars – We’ve Been Busy!

International Hockey Federation Series Finals 2019

Caption: Dato Seri Subahan (right), the Malaysian team and tournament officials.

We recently celebrated a significant milestone in May with the successful marketing management of Malaysia’s biggest international hockey tournament, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Series Finals 2019 organised by the Malaysian Hockey Federation. For this project, our team played crucial roles in the planning, coordination and communications of all the marketing activities for the tournament. This included garnering sponsors and engaging fans through numerous online and offline activities and contests.

One such an online contest was the Selfie & Wefie Instagram Contest 2019. To participate, all fans needed to do was take a selfie or wefie photo of themselves in the National Hockey Stadium during the FIH Series Finals and upload it to their personal Instagram accounts with the contest hashtags within a stipulated time period. The contest was well-received amongst hockey fans with seven winners walking away with holiday prizes.

Through our efforts, the local hockey scene was opened up to new sponsorship possibilities with non-traditional hockey partners. What was truly rewarding was that Malaysia finished in second and received encouraging fan support and feedback both on and off the pitch. The FIH 2019 was even broadcasted live worldwide!

Follow Team Malaysia as they embark on the #RoadtoTokyo!


Football with Heart - PJ City Football Club

Besides hockey, we also dove into helping PJ City Football Club with their marketing, branding and communication strategies. Founded in January 2019 and owned by the Qi Group led by Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran, PJ City FC has since paved the way in redefining the sport in Malaysia with the local communities at its core. Our team has helped establish a strong brand presence using social media and engaging content that resonates with its fans. But at the heart and centre of the club are its CSR efforts.

Through their CSR programmes with schools and hospitals, the PJ City FC players were able to inspire students and children in Petaling Jaya as role models of achieving their dreams. During the haze period, the management and staff also went the extra mile to distribute face masks on Match Day to the officials on duty, opposing teams and the fans. At the PJ Half Marathon, the crowd was taught their cheers to support the runners while free nasi lemak were distributed to runners, further demonstrating PJ City FC’s conviction to touching and motivating the hearts of the local community.

Through our timely engagement with our community, newsletters and other interesting initiatives, the club’s online and offline presence has seen substantial growth by leaps and bounds within a few short months.


Tertiary Education Case Study: Student-Get-Student Programme

In order to draw in more students for the ongoing September intake for university client, we wholly managed a project to capitalise on the university’s existing resources in the form of their current students. Offering cash rewards to its students, the referral programme was communicated through a series of effective channels such as email, whatsapp and calls. This led to the highest number of referrals in the programme in a single intake.


Social Media Management

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Interested to work with us? Drop us an email at and we will be in touch shortly.

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